Water is vital for life; our bodies have a 60% composition of water for men. Because of their higher body fat than men, women have a 50-55% water composition in their bodies. Water plays many significant roles in our overall health; water is used to regulate our body temperature, remove waste from our bodies, absorb nutrients, and lubricate joints.

Every cell and tissue needs water to function correctly. Usually, doctors and nutritionists recommend taking at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily, but this amount varies depending on age and physical activity. A good measuring tool is our body weight. Since we’re all different shapes and sizes, 6 to 8 glasses may be too vague.

Here at Papayus, we like the goal of half our body weight in ounces as the minimum for hydration. Infants and children need more water, just as elders because as we get older, the brain forgets to sense that you are thirsty. Those who undertake exercises, or even those suffering from some health issues like kidney stones, and pregnant and lactating mothers also need much water to stay hydrated.

Despite plain water being the best option for staying hydrated, some other fruits and drinks can help—fruits such as watermelon, vegetables, juices, milk, and herbal tea. In case plain water is too difficult to take regularly in a day, you can opt for these options to prevent dehydration or squeeze a lemon in it for some flavor. Dehydration makes your body lack enough fluids to function as it should. You could experience frequent headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and confusion, leading to complications from swollen feet to heatstroke.

Therefore, hydration is essential because it helps the heart pump blood quickly to the vessels and makes muscles work effectively. It helps increase the brain’s functioning because, without enough water, some brain functions are impaired. Dehydration can cause headaches; therefore, drinking water may prevent you from suffering from headaches.

If you are looking to lose weight, water boosts your metabolism rates hence burning more calories. Hydration helps fight constipation, kidney stones and prevent hangovers since alcohol leads to more water loss than what you are taking in. It takes up to almost 24 hours for your body to be fully rehydrated in case of dehydration. Remember that the next time you want to skip your eight glasses of water.