Taking On The Challenges Of A Healthy Lifestyle For The Right Reasons

In our modern society used to a fast-paced lifestyle, dieting seems to be a word present in every household’s vocabulary and often with the sole purpose of weight loss. We all practice some form of dieting and unfortunately, far too often for the wrong reasons. To decide to be on a diet, one must first choose a cause that will be attainable and work for the individual following the health plan.

Why choose a reason? Our appearance, health, or well-being are driven by a specific goal or desire, just like every other aspect of life. A baby is motivated by new objects, sounds, smells and experiences to develop and discover the world. A school grade child aims to achieve outstanding school achievements, praise, and approval by family and peers. A working professional is working for a promotion by putting in extra hours and going above and beyond expectations.

So why not apply that same principle to our weight loss journey? There are endless motivators out there when it comes to setting one’s goal for a healthy lifestyle and not taking this challenging path lightly. One of the most popular reasons is to lose weight, and we would say this reason is just as valid as any other. Trying to fit into that size 5 High School prom dress, or into the new pair of skinny jeans, might be the goal you have chosen, while others would like to look in the mirror without feeling ashamed or displeased with the reflection. Many will be pursuing the ultimate physical appearance out of vanity and desire for an aesthetic look. Others would be finally responding to the wake-up call and taking their health seriously. For example, we might dream of getting on that body and physic stage or doing a photoshoot or get a grip on a lifelong health condition such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes or joint pain.

No matter where one finds their inspiration for setting the right goal, that inspiration is what counts and will lead to achievements, consistency and an overall feeling of accomplishment.

Another reason worth mentioning is the desire to be physically fit. Preparing your body for challenging activities such as long hikes, sports, biking, running, swimming, and even everyday household activities such as gardening and housework/remodeling can surprise with great results and discover one’s hidden potential. Many of us have a deep-rooted desire for longevity and youthfulness, and the best way to achieve this goal is through a balanced and healthy lifestyle. If any of the mentioned desires and reasons to feel motivated are speaking to you, that is an excellent opportunity for setting your path on the road to success with your healthy lifestyle.

It is not uncommon to see parents of little ones struggling to keep up with the youngsters. We often come across overweight people who feel exhausted, short of breath, and even ashamed that they cannot engage in joyful activities and are forced to watch from the sidelines. Deciding to shed the extra pounds is an excellent choice that will benefit the parent and the family as a whole.

Believe it or not, a surprisingly popular desire to become the best version of yourself and drop the crept up pounds is out of revenge or to show “that someone” we all know that “I can do this” and change an uncomfortable image that has been haunting you for years. A goal like that can help self-esteem and provide closure with the past, which is part of the healing process. The path to a new body is not an easy one, but what better reward than coming to the end of your journey more beautiful than ever.

Last but not least, in our diverse world, many will find an opportunity to pursue their goals through religion and spirituality. The saying that our bodies are our temple rings loud and clear. If we are to treat one another with care, love, and respect, why are we not treating our bodies the same way? One has to practice self-love and care first to open the door to love and respect from others. Religion, faith, and spiritual practices have been known from generations to provide healing, awakening, and purpose to those in need. Yoga, mediation, prayer, and following specific dietary restrictions are some of the examples that fall into this category.

In conclusion, what you may take away and sleep on is the idea that we are not all equal, cookie-cutter individuals.  What has worked for others might not be suitable for you, and no matter what path you have chosen to walk on, that path should lead you and only you to the final destination. And if it isn’t, choose a different approach, change! Why? Because you only have one body and only so much time to make a stronger, healthier, and happier you.


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